Declutter your phones

Ways to declutter minimize rubbish in your Phone

In this article, we will show you how to easily declutter your phones. In most of the cases, the clutter and lack of storage space in the phones is due the person’s habit of hoarding heaps of apps that are totally unnecessary or barely even used.

Even though the phones have a bigger internal storage capacity nowadays, there just never seems to be enough space in the phones. So, here are some basic tips and tricks to declutter your phone in 2020.

Deleting unnecessary/unused apps

Like we mention in the very beginning, this is the most prominent case in most of the phones, just loads and loads of apps that are never used. It is not and unknown fact that most people have a habit of hoarding anything at all. Similar case can be seen in the phones, people just download apps, files and mods that will never even be used.

Declutter your phones
Mobile Phone with lots of apps

People actually hoard unnecessary apps just because everyone else is using them so they actually feel some what pressured to download a certain app in case it will come in handy in future.

So, the first step is actually easy and simple, just delete the apps and files you’ve downloaded just because you thought it looks cool or you might use it sometime in the future.

Using the ‘Automatically Delete Old Messages’ feature

Most people are actually unaware that the old messages that are stored in their phones actually eat up storage space. What is surprising is those people don’t even know that the automatic message deletion even exists.

delete old messages

So, another step is to activating the ‘automatic old message deletion’ feature. This feature simply deletes unwanted old messages. Users can actually set the age of the messages that are to be deleted. Users can set automatic deletion of messages of 30 days old, 2 months or even 1 year old.

Deleting duplicate image

Most people suffer from having exactly similar images to occupying their phones storage. People take more than one images of a single object and usually forget those duplicate images.

delete old images

This yet again another simple but an essential and effective tip, deleting the duplicate images. Now, scrolling through the images and deleting the images manually is a possibility but it could be very tiresome and impractical. Most phones these days have AI built in them which can easily detect similar pictures by scanning every picture to the pixels and deleting the duplicate ones.

Most phones such as iPhones, Samsung and Google provide their own cloud feature, so you can easily backup all the images in the cloud and free up space and declutter your phone.

Changing the Social Media apps settings

Most people already know that when they download any social media app, the default setting is to save all the media sent in chat to your memory. So, automatically the picture or video will be downloaded phone storage.

Automatically save media

All you have to do to stop this is enter the social media app and click not save media automatically to phones memory in the settings.

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