Things to consider while buying a Smartphone

Things to consider while buying a good Smartphone

Festival seasons are about to be on our doors. And, during these festivals, people seem to buy gifts for their close ones. Moreover, gifts can be in any form i.e. clothes, cosmetic product, smartphones etc. So, while buying the smartphone, people don’t get so serious about details of product and features on it. And, later on, they might regret on their purchased phone.

So, we try to make it easier for you to consider before buying any smartphone. Before buying smartphone, you should get your priorities straight first.

Things to consider while buying a good Smartphone are discussed below:

1. Mobile Carriers and affordable plans :-

Based on the person who is about the use the phone, we must consider about the character of the person first whether he/she is a teenager, adult or aged one.

Usually teenager are fond of games, good camera quality, and better design, functionality. And, adults consider on the better functionality with good design. Whereas, aged ones consider a good battery life and simple functionality phones. According to the behavior of the person, we should mark our phone to buy for.

2. Operating System :-

Basically, Operating system are the hearts of the smartphones. If your heart isn’t at the best version, then it hampers the whole functionality. So, we must take a deep look on the OS of the phones.

The latest Android version available is 7.1 Nougat, but unfortunately not all the devices have this version of OS. We advised you not to buy a smartphone with the outdated versions of any OS. Moreover, Smartphones with either Nougat or Marshmallow are the best ones to look for.

3. Design and functionality :-

Moreover, smartphones are always changing in terms of looks and functionality. But, trend of design are quite the same for all smartphones. Previously, one home button, notch for front camera, rectangle screen display were used for most smartphones.  Nowadays, trend of having no button, bezel less display, pop-up front camera are more likely to be found on most phones.

On today’s world, personal taste is a major decision, both in terms of software and outlook design. But, design is based on functionality. Like, metallic design body helps to prevent SD card, SIM cards and battery on case of accidents. Moreover, based on the budget of yours, you can check the quality of the device to ensure you’ll be able to use it in ways which is most comfortable and convenient for you.

4. Size and type of display :-

Size matters on how the smartphone is going to be used. For those who love to play android games, screen size of 5.2” inches or greater is best one to look for. And, for those who use only for Whatsapp, mails and Facebook posts, a smaller screen can be more effective.

Based on the display, there are two types of display used in smartphones.

  • LCD (Liquid crystal display) displays:

It gives you good image quality and good resolution. A higher resolution (640 x 960 pixels) of IPS LCD is found on Apple iPhone 4. It is called Retina Display because of its brilliant picture quality.

However, they provide poor visibility in narrow viewing angles and in direct sunlight.

  • AMOLED(Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) displays :

AMOLED displays are used on most smartphones these days. Basically, it provides brilliant color reproduction, light weight, good battery life, proper brightness etc. Also, it provide better visibility on viewing angles and sunlight too. Super AMOLED displays are more popular for better displays for gaming purpose and watching movies or videos.   

5. Processor :-

Processor is the hub of device on which overall performance depends upon. Sometimes, processor capability is what limits software updates. Nowadays, Qualcomm, Octa-core, Mediatrek and Kirin process are the best one as processor. Moreover, available RAM determines the performance of the processor.   

6. Internal memory and space :-

The most important part while on buying on smartphones is checking its RAM and internal memory. RAM helps to load the files and folders effectively. Basically, more RAM, better functionality.

If you are using smartphones for movies, music, files and heavy apps, then 32 GB of internal memory can probably OK . But, if you are using for games, official works, photography, then 64 GB or 128 GB internal space can be the best one. Moreover, for games, 4 GB and higher RAM with 64 or 128 GB internal space are best whereas for music, files, moves 2 GB and 32 GB internal space are better.

7. Battery life :-

It is the most considering features while buying a new smartphone. Do not be fooled; a higher number mAh does not amount to more and more battery life, or to a longer battery life cycle.

Higher resolutions display consumes more battery life, while latest processor optimizes battery life. Moreover, quick charging technology and wireless charging are also on market.

3000 mAh is the standard battery capacity.

8. Camera :-

Nowadays, smartphones are likely to have more focused on camera quality. More megapixels only don’t mean better image quality. Do not get fooled!

Moreover, number of mega pixels, type of focus length, aperture, lens, optical stabilization, manual modes, and special effects makes smartphones more like a digital camera.  

9. Software and integrated functions :-

Todays, Smartphones can do everything which a normal tablet or laptops can do and much more. They have built-in fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor, UV sensor, eye-protection mode, water-proofed model, face recognition mode, Iris scanning, dust-proofed model and others so many.

Make sure you check about the special integrated functions thoroughly while buying.

10. Price :-

Basically, on festivals, smartphones have a huge discount and provide some special gifts on buying them. Price of smartphones may vary with local retailers.

 So, while buying from local retailer, make sure that you check the price of it on internet.

We must be conscious and smart enough about detail of product before buying it.

Be wise and smart!!!! 

Hence these are some of the things to consider while buying a good Smartphone.

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  1. Really liked the post, will definitely consider these points before buying a new cell phone for sure.

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