Samsung Galaxy S11

Rumors about the new S11 design and cameras

It is only the start of the new year and already we have seen rumors about the new S11 series. This latest addition to the S series from Samsung will undoubtedly be one of the most remarkable phones to come out in 2020. As usual, the new S11 edition will have three different models namely the S11, S11e and the S11+. Samsung actually broke the usual tradition of two variant phones like every other company and started adding a budget E-series to its editions. It is not doubt that Samsung will be providing us with S11 Note and the S11 Note+ later in the year.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Speculations on its design and display

From what we see from the images of the S11+ reveal, the design will be quite similar to that of Samsung A and M series. The lens arranged vertically, encased in a rectangular camera bump with an ultra-wide sensor on the top, a primary lens and just below it a telephoto lens.

Regarding the speculations on the display, the budget version S11e will probably will have a 6.2-inch display with a hole punch notch. The S11 version will probably have a bigger 6.7-inch display and the S11+ is going to be the biggest with a 6.9-inch display. The phones will have a 20:9 aspect ratio for a taller screen and more screen space. Due to Samsung’s One UI, the ease of accessibility is increased for the taller display but it is yet to be seen if such is the case in the S11 series.

The signature Infinity display will be included in all three phones this time around however, the form factor of the curved display is quite smaller compared to its predecessors. This is because many have stated that the curved display to be a bit of a hassle on a smaller phone.

Speculations on the camera lenses

Samsung adds some crazy set of lenses to their phones. Same is true for the S11 series according to the rumors. All three models of the S11 series will probably have a 48 MP telephoto lens. Not only that, but the S11 and the S11+ model will have a 108 MP sensor as their primary lenses so both models will have a higher price tag accordingly.

Samsung s11 camera

It is true that Xiaomi was the first one to adopt a 108 MP lens for its MI CC9 Pro phone but Samsung being the top tier android phone will do it much better. This is because it has a much better version of the lens with a 2nd Gen SOCELL Bright HMX 108 MP sensor with a pixel size of 2.4-μm for the clearest of images.

Of course, the images from such a huge lens will be of the best quality but also of bigger image size. But thanks to the feature called the pixel-binding, the image size produced from the 108 MP lens will only be around 12 MP.

Following the rumors, the phone will be launching around February 2020 and more leaks and sneak-peeks are likely to surface soon.

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